Comment on “Struggling Develops Strength”


ImageFirst and foremost you have touched the secret of success, which needs a giant AMEN!

I took my first drink at age 6 and never stopped until age 36. Every member of my immediate family was alcoholic. Baptized Roman Catholic and groomed for the Priesthood, a dream of my Father, attending private school is a must.

We were dirt poor living in a shack on the bank of Lake Erie. Mother worked as a maid and Dad a laborer, spending money for gallons of port wine and cases of beer left little for essentials. Shabbily dressed, devoid of social skills and physically very small I am in a school where the children of Doctors, Lawyers and wealth surround this little drunk. Constant ridicule and rejection is the norm. Emotional pain is treated with port wine which disallows development.

God found this twisted, sick little lamb in 1978 and the process of becoming sober begins. Emotional hardness, also know as maturity, took years to develop. In 2004 I became a Southern Baptist and was saved by Jesus. The Holy Spirit endowed strength and tenacity on that remarkable day of Baptism.

I never gave up although hardships continue; God gifting this ex-drunk the strength of acceptance via surrender, to walk the path given. One must first surrender to HIS will to win. Which begs the question; if I do what is won?

The strength to decide not to give up when times are rough is the prize. A mystery wrapped in an enigma; understood through faith in Christ Jesus. Two poems, “Tiger Lily” and “Dew on Web” are attempts by this Author, to define the mystery.
Thank you again…………