Waste Management



Living in the county outside city limits requires residents to purchase privately owned trash pick-up; the cost of which keeps rising. A new company offering a much lower price began operating in our neighborhood. I purchased their service.
The following Monday I called the existing company to cancel the service. “Good Morning, this is Waste Management, how may I help you”? “This is Elmer Shoe, I’m calling to cancel my service”, I replied. “Are you moving Mr. Shoe”? “No, madam, I’m just cancelling”. She went on, “can you give a reason why”? “No, I’d rather not open that door if you don’t mind”. She presses on. “I need to know why you’re cancelling your service Mr. Shoe”. “Alright, if it’s that important, you charge too much”.
“Mr. Shoe, are you going with the new company”? “Yes I am”. At this point I feel forbearance walking away. “Our service is better”, she adds. “Miss Management how on earth could it be better, a guy picks up a trash can and dumps it in the truck, what is he wearing a tux”?
“You’re missing my point”, she blurts. Patience leaves the building…“Point, what point”? “Mr. Shoe, my can is bigger than their can”! “Oh, in that case you should consider Jenny Craig”? She hung up.


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