The Appalation Trail





A fellow decided to walk the Appalachian Trail, 2200 miles in length. His wife followed along in a motor home with supplies, one of which were shoes. As the hiker wore out a pair his wife would give him a new pair. Instead of throwing away the worn out shoes the man would knot them together and sling them around his neck. 1/2 way through the journey he could barely stand erect due to the weight of worn out shoes. Why did he not throw them away? We do that when clinging to the past, carrying resentments, past mistakes and sorrow around our heart just like the hiker carried worn shoes. Free your heart and mind this very moment and remove the past, which can not be changed, from your thoughts! Walk upright this day allowing God’s grace to fill your heart and mind…Remove the shoes from your neck and burn them; the rising smoke healing your wounds…………D. Edwin Burbee



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