diamondAppearing before me is a sky of diamond lights
Fright causing me to look away
I could see footsteps leading back to previous darkness
Not wanting to return, forcing myself into the newly found fear
Good fear, hard to comprehend
Looking at the sky holding  the glare
Overwhelming numbers making me stare
This time relaxing inside
Visual welcome mat, missing this beauty so real so soft
Against my face, friendly place
Not deserving of this feeling the lights promise me and no one else, they are mine all the time
I’ll use them
The promise is unclear, something about fear
Time is my friend
Clarity fills my senses, understanding surrounds me
We meet rather often
Diamond lights cascade what is theirs to give
I’ll keep this knowledge
Selfish me
One light in particular shines more than the others, I see it at times but as sudden as it shows it flits away
Leaving warmth behind
The precious queen of sleep returning becoming my friend
None closer
Never loving before with heart, head and soul
Happiness wrapping its wings about me
The diamond lights making good their promise
Taking away my despair we lean on each other
Me and my star will go far staring at the glare
Connecting our lives