big blueRays of sunlight create transient schemes thru mosaic windows gleam, a thousand shadowed colors playing chase and tag – so near the woman dressed in rags. Why doesn’t she move? Is she captured by her chosen role? Perhaps to hide her humble soul, unknowingly she stays and prays.
The windows, narrow and very tall, allow the dance on ornate wall – where the station shows the fall. It moves me – always will. Makes my heart and head be still.
Big Blue, neatly set in rows, iron wrought as if it knows – cradled glass and wax and wick, which one is my favorite pick. It will be a certain one – a friend – I want it to remember me, so bright in spirits hall,
being tended to by nuns so sweet in knitted shawl.
If you ask Him He will solve your countless problems so involved. Simply kneel, and light, and pray – let Him take your pain away.
Express your vow, just speak you wish then place four quarters in the dish. Does the Spirit remember me? He can make my soul be free – to see.
Ask for help, call out His name, your wish repeats inside the flame. As it rises, licks, and leaps -trust the Spirit so to speak – and sleep, oh yes my friend and love – to keep.