She cleaned for others but not for me
Never sat upon her knee
We all know what mothers are
Not this one, she’s gone too far

Rage and wine aren’t enemies
They lived in her and then in me
Pain was her friend, there were no others
Passed on to me I have not brothers

Endless supply is what she’s after
To find a way to end all laughter
Reason tried to help, to please
But nothing stopped her dread disease

They marched all over the weaker one
I watched in shame, I was his son
The paradox began to bloom
Like hideous flowers in my room

The gardener came to cut to prune
And entered in my private tomb
I tossed him out flee spirit flee
Please don’t ruin my insanity

Up was down confusion reined
But everything remained the same
Lap and lick and pour and drain
Something’s has to kill the pain

Alter landscape change the roof
From this disease remain aloof
Silly me the same old song
Slipping up brought me along

Age old torture which to use
Masters seem to be confused
Climb razor cliffs oh so steep
Better yet don’t let him sleep

He’s all broken all is lost
Death is paid for at what cost
What has happened what sealed my vault
The disease screamed loudly “it’s not my fault”

Hate plus rage lives on inside
Spirit comes to turn the tide
Who asked for you why I’m just fine
Perhaps you’d have a bit of wine

Spirit replies don’t you see
The wine becomes the malady
I’ll accept that simple phrase
Been the doctor too many days

Sunshine pulses within my veins
Higher power holds the reins
Flood gates open release the sea
New beginnings flow into me

Climb the steps one at a time
Drink your water with twist of lime
See the others on the floor
Be the spirit then look for more

I clean for others but not for me
I always stand on bended knee
And when I weaken and stray too far
I often remember what mothers are