The following is an attempt to characterize the absence of logic, encapsulated in hatred, when ever a Progressive sits down with a Conservative…

Meeting in MSNBC’S green room are an anchor person,  Democrat and several network crew preparing for a prime time discussion. . The slightly perplexed anchor asks, “Great, my watch isn’t working, anybody have the time”? The Democrat replies, “its 2:45PM. “Thank you for the time check”. The Republican enters the room, “sorry for not arriving earlier but the cabby was stuck in traffic”. Turning to the Democrat the Republican says, “Got the time”? “Yeah its 7:18 AM”. “Why would you say that, I know it’s close to three”?
The Democrat’s facial expression changes from calm to glowering. “Now see, there you go questioning a perfectly logical statement. Everything you people look at is black or white. You are a judgmental idiot who lacks comprehension of time, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt your racist deep-seated hatred of Obama”!!  Quizzically, the Republican reacts: “What on Earth are you talking about”? With arrogance dripping from each word the Democrat spits an answer; “Do you expect me to explain what every child knows? I’m not wasting my time on the likes of you or your stupid Party”.
A crew member leans into the room, “it’s show time people”. The Democrat turns to the anchor and says, “Let’s go pal, it’s already 2:55”.