When you awake the first though is_______; if negative, bringing sadness like slippers scuffed about in all day? A sense of being treated badly last week or always has roots requiring bulldozer power to remove, especially where family is the source of resentment.
The word resentment comes from the Latin word “sentire” which means, “to feel”, and when you put “re” in front of any word, it means “again”, so the word resent means “to feel again”. It includes people, institutions or principles with which we were angry, with whom we were hurt or threatened or interfered with, with whom we felt had wronged us, with whom we stayed sore at, with whom we felt “burned up” toward, and with whom we held a grudge. Worn out shoes should be thrown away, tying each pair to sling around neck is pretty dumb; it’s what we do if we resent.
Let’s say it is your Mother or Father who is at the core of these feelings and you are twenty-five. Will the resentment be alive at thirty-five or forty-five? Why let someone live rent-free in your mind; why?
I offer a solution; ask God to remove them. Yeah right, just like handing a steak knife to a three year old, you might think. That is the resentment thinking for you; it does not want to go and will leave claw-marks when it does. For two solid weeks, every time those slippers slid on to your feet ask Him. Do not miss a day. The results are breathtaking.