Junior was his childhood name, which he disliked immensely. But this fact only became known
to me as an adult. Growing up together “Junior” taught this boy how to net butterflies, assemble an
aquarium and catch sunfish naming only a few. He was more than a cousin; he was my friend. He was a
multi-talented man with the greenest of thumbs. He could plant any seed, any time of the year and have
it sprout and grow into something beautiful.
My sister Ruth and I were his childhood actors. Walter would write and direct plays staring us.
This included costumes but never an audience. We would happily rehearse our parts over and over until
they met with the director’s approval.
I must admit he tried, unsuccessfully, to teach maturity to me, but my alcoholism would not
allow it.
I admired him immensely and never shared that fact. I cried today when hearing of his passing.
Walter Szczublewski was a gift to this world, and I know we will see each other again when I go to my
mansion in the sky. We shall net butterflies, grow beautiful things, and I will call him Walter.

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