#1) I quit

#2) Everybody hates me

#3) Nobody cares

#4) It is impossible

“As I faced each tragedy in my life, I learned to reach into the depth of my soul for strength and determination. Through this healing process, I discovered perseverance and resilience. I could not go into the past and use White-Out to erase any events; instead, I had to find a way to use my pain to help me heal and grow. I had to stare darkness in the face and accept that I could not change the past, but I could build a better future.”
Quote by Erin Merryn



If you are a Roman Catholic, Protestant or member of any Christian faith you can not vote for the Democratic Party. Think about this as you approach the communion rail or raise your hands in worship. Aborting a baby in the first, second or third trimester is murder. Abortion in the third trimester is the most vicious. Your Christian faith is the trump card and economics, middle class, unions etc… becomes dust under your feet. Attempting to spin these Democratic ideals is hypocrisy if you profess to be Christian. Aborting a seven pound baby is murdering innocents and the blood is on your hands. If you profess belief in Jesus Christ and worship him, voting Democratic negates the love of your Savior. If abortion is ignored when voting Democratic, as if it does not exist, you are not Christian and will stand in judgment…