Polarized Ideology


We are living in an era of social beliefs becoming ever more clear-cut and extreme. The educational system in these United States has deteriorated into social brainwashing. Rather than imparting a balanced curriculum, allowing young men and women to form their own opinions, the Liberal agenda brain-stamps our youth. Everything is just fine, no boundaries on actions, all are self and virtue diminishes and dies. The attraction is complete freedom without repercussion.
Does it make sense not to kill, not to steal, not to lie? What about compassion for others? All this and more are part and parcel of The Ten Commandments…Oh I see where the writer is headed, going to shove Christianity down my throat, you may think…However I am using the application of The Ten Commandments as a better way to live…They are common sense foundational thinking.
If someone shoots and kills your only child, rapes your wife, sexually assaults your granddaughter do you deem this acceptable? Complete freedom insures these horrid events become common place; which they are.
Extreme social beliefs have become insane, with the internet being the death weapon of choice. We now have transgender bathrooms for school children, rioting and looting labeled acceptable, murdering police in cold blood, and reshaping reality like potting clay into fiction (hands up don’t shoot).
Unlimited freedom is a strong ideological belief in the United States. Some follow ideological ideals that are logical, while others take stands that are idiotic or illogical, like the aforementioned.
Polarized ideology insures absence of communication, without which civil war becomes a reality. Where lays an answer for restoration of these United States to a country of laws and law-abiding citizens unafraid of work? In a word, GOD…..