Last night, in the state of Maryland, a young mother was shot to death in a liquor store. A twenty-three year old man was found shot to death in his car. Two dead and several wounded at a dance studio; every victim was Black. Why am I posting these murders? Simple stated no one appears to be outraged. Where are all those floor sitters?. You know the undignified Democrats who broke to feed their faces.

I am singling out the four dead from last night to make a point. Liberal’s have great difficulty grasping the meaning of “Assault Rifle”. This unveils a perceived lack of knowledge. I do not believe they lack the meaning of the phrase Assault rifle.I am convinced that the loudest Liberals are keenly aware of the difference between Automatic, Semi-Automatic, and that Assault rifles have a selector switch allowing a choice between the two.

My point is this; Black youth is being murdered via gunshot night after night after night without one word from those floor-sitters. In 2013 11,419 people were killed by gun fire. A few data-points. Of the 11,419 people who died from guns in 2013, 84% were male, and nearly half (48%) were under 30. Most were killed with a handgun, and the majority were Black. Elizabeth Warren remarked, “We lose 8 children and teenagers to gun violence every day. If a mysterious virus suddenly started killing 8 of our children every day, America would mobilize teams of doctors and public health officials. We would move heaven and earth until we found a way to protect our children. But not so with gun violence”.

Ms. Warren is fixated on Assault Rifles. Does she actually believe the weapon of choice were Assault Rifles in the deaths of 11,419 people?  Of course not, she is very aware of the facts. So why do we constantly hear the opposite? The issue runs much deeper than an AR-15.  It runs past guns as a whole and shines a light on the real reason; disarm Americans. Not all Americans just Conservatives to keep the opposition armed. A loud clamor will erupt if you make this charge, but truth has a way of pushing back soil like a seedling; you cannot hide truth.In the past decade twenty-four Americans were killed by terrorist gun fire while 280,000 were killed by guns.

Does anyone reading this understand that you can pick a street in any major city where the hood is and with the proper cash purchase a gun? The serial numbers will be missing, which should wake you up. Not one of those Black Congressmen and women, not one of those Black leaders, no Liberal Senators are interested. NO ONE SEEMS TO GIVE A RIP AS BLACK KIDS DIE. Here is why, they want to disarm Conservative Americans. Addressing the enormous flow of every type of handgun, rifle, or shotgun illegally in the street would ruin their quest to add gun law upon gun law eventually reaching their goal. Folks, it isn’t about the hundreds of thousands of firearms easily trading hands every night in the street, it is not about the incredible number of Black kids that die each night. If it were, their agenda would dissolve; it is the satanic ideology of Liberal leaders; deftly orchestrated yet no longer hidden.