Specifically what were the NFL players who knelt last season protesting? The original reason was to protest the shooting of Alton Sterling…Two officers attempted to make a lawful arrest of Alton Sterling based upon probable cause… The officers acted on the assumption that Sterling was armed while resisting the officers’ attempts to arrest him. After Sterling was shot, officers removed a loaded .38 caliber handgun from Sterling’s right front pocket…Sterling’s body tested positive for opioids, cocaine and other drugs, results that clearly indicated that he was under the influence of a combination of illegal substances…“The system failed us,” Sandra Sterling, his aunt, said during a news conference. “He was not a monster. … This was a family man. A family man.”
A family man? Sterling was a registered sex offender, after a 2000 conviction for carnal knowledge of a juvenile, records show…He was previously arrested for aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, unauthorized entry and domestic abuse battery, records show… In 2009, he was sentenced to five years in prison for marijuana possession and for carrying an illegal weapon with a controlled dangerous substance…Yep, sounds like a family man to me…The NFL protest were, and if continued are absurd…To make it sound as if this was a stellar citizen out for a drive, suddenly stopped by police because he was black and then shot shows NFL players attempting to justify black criminal behavior; wrong, dead wrong…