Democrats: You must realize hatred drips from your mouth in buckets, your tongue is a sword creating havoc upon yourself. Dignity and decorum, an issue against President Trump is trumped by your lack of same. Justification of inappropriate behavior by pointing at other inappropriate behavior is dead wrong. Were your Congressman and senators elected to work for the folks you represent? Work being defined as attack, lie, twist, create fiction and hate, yes hate is not why your people were elected. It is not why you walk the halls of this great countries democratic republic. It was and is to represent the folks who elected you. There is much work to be done. Work to improve our country, which means reaching across the aisle to debate and pass those bills, which are necessary; debate not hate.

          A civil war will be the end result if your behavior continues. Many Americans will die, and their blood will be on the hands of the initiator, which is your party. I would suggest you purge your party of elected officials who are escalating inflammatory rhetoric. You are pouring gasoline on the fire of war, and the fire is in your backyard. A World Cup television commercial states: “Win from Within”. I suggest you heed those words.