Welcome to “The Lagoon”. Drop the hook in calm water whilst the Captain tells of his journey; the quest for serenity. When the search was over a word map of stories, articles and poems chart my course to the port of acceptance. From this safe harbor we set sail to other ports of call; humor key, thought island, information shoals, spirit bay and political paradise. Remove the anchor chain from around your neck; welcome to the lagoon.



6 thoughts on “Home

  1. I have always puzzled over this notion of sobriety. I have a very good friend who is as you are. He has been for 25 years, or perhaps it is 30 now. In any case, it does not seem that long to me, not more than 4 or 5 in old person years–similar, I think to dog years.

    I am what he and some of his AA/NA affiliated friends call a “Normie.” It’s not as though I do not understand the phenomena involving these issues of sobriety; it is merely that I wonder how abstaining completely from something can give someone power over it. I do know it does. I do know it has brought good things and stability to such people who pursue sobriety in this way…. It is just that…. Particularly alcohol has been part of the human condition since well. 80 or 100 thousand years? Or more. I know that that is around the time where dogs began to associate with humans–so we see in the fossil record, in any case.

    There are certain behavioural elements of the human condition which are more difficult to facilitate without alcohol–just as there are certain such things that are very difficult to facilitate without dogs. I am not an anthropologist by any means, I am a scientist who deals very heavily in mathematics. My brain is not quite entirely normal and I do have a knack, let us say, for pattern recognition.

    As such, my mathematical “spidey-senses” tell me there must be a way that someone can partake in such things without the risk of excess regardless of personality or even genetic predisposition.

    I am not sure why I have expressed all of this here, but… well… there you are.

    Regardless of any spirit-related musings (of any kind) I do, Captain, like the cut of your jib. Keep up the smooth sailing by all means! And most assuredly, keep a keen eye on the horizon for any signs of pirates.


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