Democrats: You must realize hatred drips from your mouth in buckets, your tongue is a sword creating havoc upon yourself. Dignity and decorum, an issue against President Trump is trumped by your lack of same. Justification of inappropriate behavior by pointing at other inappropriate behavior is dead wrong. Were your Congressman and senators elected to work for the folks you represent? Work being defined as attack, lie, twist, create fiction and hate, yes hate is not why your people were elected. It is not why you walk the halls of this great countries democratic republic. It was and is to represent the folks who elected you. There is much work to be done. Work to improve our country, which means reaching across the aisle to debate and pass those bills, which are necessary; debate not hate.

          A civil war will be the end result if your behavior continues. Many Americans will die, and their blood will be on the hands of the initiator, which is your party. I would suggest you purge your party of elected officials who are escalating inflammatory rhetoric. You are pouring gasoline on the fire of war, and the fire is in your backyard. A World Cup television commercial states: “Win from Within”. I suggest you heed those words.



The Internet, by many, has become the Encyclopedia Britannica. That is to say it is flawless. However those who are in a hurry to prove, or disprove a point are not interested in facts. Many Internet sites Goggled are out of date, flat wrong, or the source is overlooked. Not to mention those in tin-foil hats who are looking for the outrageous. Amateur sleuths, groomed by playing Clue, having access to flaunt their less than accurate ideas, are then read by other tin-foil hats. Now the issue at hand is then met with a resounding ah-ha, which causes a group to then say; “told ya so.”  So it is with the horrific Las Vegas shooting. At this point, in the investigation, little is known. But those Clue players are filling in the blanks at an alarming rate driving down False Avenue. The destination is a city named Outrageous where Liberals live.



To quote a recent comment by Nancy Pelosi:”We don’t wear our religion on our sleeve” is an interesting remark from a Roman Catholic who supports abortion and same-sex marriage…To wear on one’s sleeve means to express an emotion, belief, or stance overtly and make it an important part of one’s public life…This seems perfectly normal for Christians…She also said; “Democrats are people of faith and Republicans prey on the American people”…First of all this women plays the same word game taught to other Liberals, the inclusive ALL…When you make a naked reference to 100 million folks, without quantifying it you have said all…The remark, all Republicans prey on the American people, teeters on the insane…Judge not in the Biblical sense requires the component of condemnation, and let me be very clear; I am judging her…She is a public figure demeaning Christianity via hypocrisy…”The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.” (Psa. 37:30)… As to Republicans duping the American people Pelosi shines a very bright light on her hypocrisy…”You can keep your doctor” is the poster expression of preying on the American people…”You must sign Obama care without reading it” runs a close second…Folks, the depth of moral depravity that the existing leaders of the Democratic party (yes i mean all) have sunk to is unprecedented in my lifetime and for that matter in American history…Enter President Trump; drain the swamp!