The God of The Bible is not allah…Muslims do not speak of God as their heavenly Father. In the Islamic faith, Allah is not only a different name for god; the deity it designates is far more impersonal than the God of the Bible. Father—the very name that Jesus gave us as the designated name for use in prayer—is a name that simply does not fit Allah as depicted in the Quran.

Furthermore, Muslims claim that Allah has no son. This represents a head-on collision between the God of the Bible and Allah. For, as the Bible makes clear, the one and only true God is most perfectly revealed as the Father of the Son, Jesus Christ. In the Gospel of John, Jesus repeatedly teaches that no one has truly known the Father, except by the Son. In one of the most clarifying verses in the New Testament, Jesus declared Himself to be “the way, and the truth, and the life,” adding, “No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

Because Muslims deny that God has a son, they explicitly reject any Trinitarian……


I authored this post when Obama was elected for a second term. With the death of American journalism hypocrisy and lies feed nearly half of this once great nations worth. Its citizens make up that value, and many are morally bankrupt. We now have a new President whose battle cry is “Make America great again”. I support President Trump. He has his work cut out for him. The undercurrent of hate and lawlessness feeds off its own depravity. We teeter on the edge of all out war. Moral relativity is an accepted way of life for the uneducated, that is to say educated in barbarism and blind to reality. They may have degrees received from colleges that excel in social brainwashing but fail in actual learning. Ask as many as you want on questions of historical importance being prepared for blank stares. Murder, rape, drugs, theft are normal for these wicked socialistic losers. Scales are out of balance, we ask Christ to place his thumb on the side of the just. Is it too late?
                                                         Written  12/ 2012:
History will record November 6, 2012 as the day moral compasses pointed South,
Revealing the will of God for a Godless Nation;
a modern-day Sodom.
Abortion, same-sex marriage, drugs, alcohol, open boarders and perversion, at its core, shall now define America.
Once a great Nation founded upon a spiritual foundation,
The rock of the World is now supported by Socialistic sand.
The bank is empty, the average American teeters on the brink of economic disaster.
God is angry with this Nation, His Wrath Is Terrible.
Trouble of unmanageable proportion is on the horizon.
Turn to Jesus asking Him for the pardon that awaits you.
He will forgive your sins, you will be saved.Do not stare at the spot you fell. Stand up and move forward.
Prepare yourself and loved ones for the hard times that loom.
Love God with your whole heart and mind and your neighbor as yourself.
Accept those things you can not change, change those things that you can and pray for the wisdom to know the difference.
Suffering, pain and death may be felt across our Country; prepare for the worst.



To quote a recent comment by Nancy Pelosi:”We don’t wear our religion on our sleeve” is an interesting remark from a Roman Catholic who supports abortion and same-sex marriage…To wear on one’s sleeve means to express an emotion, belief, or stance overtly and make it an important part of one’s public life…This seems perfectly normal for Christians…She also said; “Democrats are people of faith and Republicans prey on the American people”…First of all this women plays the same word game taught to other Liberals, the inclusive ALL…When you make a naked reference to 100 million folks, without quantifying it you have said all…The remark, all Republicans prey on the American people, teeters on the insane…Judge not in the Biblical sense requires the component of condemnation, and let me be very clear; I am judging her…She is a public figure demeaning Christianity via hypocrisy…”The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.” (Psa. 37:30)… As to Republicans duping the American people Pelosi shines a very bright light on her hypocrisy…”You can keep your doctor” is the poster expression of preying on the American people…”You must sign Obama care without reading it” runs a close second…Folks, the depth of moral depravity that the existing leaders of the Democratic party (yes i mean all) have sunk to is unprecedented in my lifetime and for that matter in American history…Enter President Trump; drain the swamp!




Ever walk into a darkened restaurant on a bright sunny day? It takes awhile for your eyes to adjust…You need to get “use to it;”and that is what happened to many people; they became used to darkness…The darkness of Satan becomes normal over time…In the black ink of iniquity anything is acceptable…All matters of normal are altered to meet your lifestyle…If you have been saved, and accepted Jesus Christ as your savior then you have nothing to do with the new normal; nothing…PC is the roof over new normal…Inside is evil, where all forms of depravity hide…It is the complete absence of Jesus…America has gotten use to darkness…It wallows in sin…It is modern-day Sodom…Step out of the darkness into the waiting arms of Our Lord…A complete pardon awaits…Stop and define eternity, then ask yourself where would you rather spend it….

Polarized Ideology


We are living in an era of social beliefs becoming ever more clear-cut and extreme. The educational system in these United States has deteriorated into social brainwashing. Rather than imparting a balanced curriculum, allowing young men and women to form their own opinions, the Liberal agenda brain-stamps our youth. Everything is just fine, no boundaries on actions, all are self and virtue diminishes and dies. The attraction is complete freedom without repercussion.
Does it make sense not to kill, not to steal, not to lie? What about compassion for others? All this and more are part and parcel of The Ten Commandments…Oh I see where the writer is headed, going to shove Christianity down my throat, you may think…However I am using the application of The Ten Commandments as a better way to live…They are common sense foundational thinking.
If someone shoots and kills your only child, rapes your wife, sexually assaults your granddaughter do you deem this acceptable? Complete freedom insures these horrid events become common place; which they are.
Extreme social beliefs have become insane, with the internet being the death weapon of choice. We now have transgender bathrooms for school children, rioting and looting labeled acceptable, murdering police in cold blood, and reshaping reality like potting clay into fiction (hands up don’t shoot).
Unlimited freedom is a strong ideological belief in the United States. Some follow ideological ideals that are logical, while others take stands that are idiotic or illogical, like the aforementioned.
Polarized ideology insures absence of communication, without which civil war becomes a reality. Where lays an answer for restoration of these United States to a country of laws and law-abiding citizens unafraid of work? In a word, GOD…..