She cleaned for others but not for me
Never sat upon her knee
We all know what mothers are
Not this one, she’s gone too far

Rage and wine aren’t enemies
They lived in her and then in me
Pain was her friend, there were no others
Passed on to me I have not brothers

Endless supply is what she’s after
To find a way to end all laughter
Reason tried to help, to please
But nothing stopped her dread disease

They marched all over the weaker one
I watched in shame, I was his son
The paradox began to bloom
Like hideous flowers in my room

The gardener came to cut to prune
And entered in my private tomb
I tossed him out flee spirit flee
Please don’t ruin my insanity

Up was down confusion reined
But everything remained the same
Lap and lick and pour and drain
Something’s has to kill the pain

Alter landscape change the roof
From this disease remain aloof
Silly me the same old song
Slipping up brought me along

Age old torture which to use
Masters seem to be confused
Climb razor cliffs oh so steep
Better yet don’t let him sleep

He’s all broken all is lost
Death is paid for at what cost
What has happened what sealed my vault
The disease screamed loudly “it’s not my fault”

Hate plus rage lives on inside
Spirit comes to turn the tide
Who asked for you why I’m just fine
Perhaps you’d have a bit of wine

Spirit replies don’t you see
The wine becomes the malady
I’ll accept that simple phrase
Been the doctor too many days

Sunshine pulses within my veins
Higher power holds the reins
Flood gates open release the sea
New beginnings flow into me

Climb the steps one at a time
Drink your water with twist of lime
See the others on the floor
Be the spirit then look for more

I clean for others but not for me
I always stand on bended knee
And when I weaken and stray too far
I often remember what mothers are



Womb fed with Sherry
He smells life stunted
She-lion stark blind
Yet confronted
Guzzling unaware
Of ticks and tocks
Ebullient hate
Minds the clock

False heart meets false front
Linked indeed
Tiny, bullied, weak
A life in need
Of persona dressed neat
In borrowed plumes
Who am I; why I’m wine
He fumed



He rose and stood to wash his face

A concrete though was poured in place

Hardened, heavy holding weight

Now is the time to pull the pin

It’s rather clear he couldn’t win

Conscious, craving commit the sin

So quick and easy unclench the fist

And boom and soon be instant mist

Deceased, departed demonic wish

That was then and this is now

He still exist no taken vow

Walking wonder, winning now

He seeks to put the pin in place

For those who think they’ve lost the race

Simple serene sweet embrace



dead flowerGlimpsing a passageway over my shoulder
The snake shed his skin
The habit’s kicked – gone away
And life anew begins
Angel fish I’ll grant your wish
To ignore and go
But did you make – perhaps create
A valve
Too off the feeling flow
God forbid I bet you did
I heard you lie
Put on a show

I still have pride
Ever since the flower died
Or is it love alive inside
Kiss Heavens archway
Stand on toes – if you must
Swallow life’s dust
Begin again begin again

Latch it up today
So the soul is covered in rust
Merely a slight crust
Begin again begin again



big blueRays of sunlight create transient schemes thru mosaic windows gleam, a thousand shadowed colors playing chase and tag – so near the woman dressed in rags. Why doesn’t she move? Is she captured by her chosen role? Perhaps to hide her humble soul, unknowingly she stays and prays.
The windows, narrow and very tall, allow the dance on ornate wall – where the station shows the fall. It moves me – always will. Makes my heart and head be still.
Big Blue, neatly set in rows, iron wrought as if it knows – cradled glass and wax and wick, which one is my favorite pick. It will be a certain one – a friend – I want it to remember me, so bright in spirits hall,
being tended to by nuns so sweet in knitted shawl.
If you ask Him He will solve your countless problems so involved. Simply kneel, and light, and pray – let Him take your pain away.
Express your vow, just speak you wish then place four quarters in the dish. Does the Spirit remember me? He can make my soul be free – to see.
Ask for help, call out His name, your wish repeats inside the flame. As it rises, licks, and leaps -trust the Spirit so to speak – and sleep, oh yes my friend and love – to keep.



Looking into my magic mirror

A smooth unruffled lake

My pretense of restricting fear

No longer seen as fake

I see this well adjusted man

Intelligent, so wise

Why I’m my most devoted fan

To all at least first prize

In king’s new clothes, delusions dodge

Whole life behind a mask

Dressing up deceit in camoflage

My courage from a flask

This Janus-Faced so filled with fear

God bottoms out in May

Unruffled lake now filled with tears

Appearance in disarray

Disquieted waters for years remain

Reflection, rough, confused

Sobriety replaced with pain

Serenity when it’s used

My mirror creates its magic still

Soul’s light shine tells no lies

My life seeks the Spirits will

I’ll see it in my eyes



diamondAppearing before me is a sky of diamond lights
Fright causing me to look away
I could see footsteps leading back to previous darkness
Not wanting to return, forcing myself into the newly found fear
Good fear, hard to comprehend
Looking at the sky holding  the glare
Overwhelming numbers making me stare
This time relaxing inside
Visual welcome mat, missing this beauty so real so soft
Against my face, friendly place
Not deserving of this feeling the lights promise me and no one else, they are mine all the time
I’ll use them
The promise is unclear, something about fear
Time is my friend
Clarity fills my senses, understanding surrounds me
We meet rather often
Diamond lights cascade what is theirs to give
I’ll keep this knowledge
Selfish me
One light in particular shines more than the others, I see it at times but as sudden as it shows it flits away
Leaving warmth behind
The precious queen of sleep returning becoming my friend
None closer
Never loving before with heart, head and soul
Happiness wrapping its wings about me
The diamond lights making good their promise
Taking away my despair we lean on each other
Me and my star will go far staring at the glare
Connecting our lives